What to Do When It’s Too Cold Outside to Smoke

Smoking discreetly can be difficult thanks to the distinct odors that cigarettes produce and leave behind. Even if you think you’ve gotten away with taking a hit, the lingering odor can give you away days or even weeks later.

Forget getting caught by your parents. The rental agency is going to take your security deposit with that odor there.

When it’s too cold outside to smoke or you just don’t want to miss the best part of the TV episode, there are some easy ways to minimize the odors you’ll leave behind.

It all begins with having the best products to get the smoke smell out of your house available to you. Utilizing these efforts with those products can help you be even more discreet.

1. Smoke in an area with good ventilation. Your best option is to smoke next to an exhaust fan. If you have one over your stove or oven in the kitchen, that one is more powerful than the ones in the bathroom. You can also put a box fan in a window so the air moves toward the outside and then blow the smoke toward the fan. In a pinch, smoking near an open window is better than nothing.

2. Smoke into a wet towel. The dampness of a wet towel will trap the particles that are in cigarette smoke that cause odor. You’ll need to blow the smoke directly into the towel for this to be effective. If you’re in a small room and need to smoke, consider opening a window or using a ventilation fan and then placing the wet towel in the crack between the door and the floor for best results.

3. Keep your hair out of the way. If you have long hair, the cigarette smoke can cause the toxins and chemicals to stick to it. Even if you don’t leave the odor in the room where you’re smoking, it can stay in your hair and then bring that odor with you throughout the house. Tie your hair back before smoking to minimize this issue.

4. Stop the smoke from getting into your clothes. Whenever possible, minimize the amount of clothing you are wearing while smoking to avoid the contamination from getting into the fabric – and then into everything else. If odor particles are in your clothes and then you leave the clothing on a carpeted floor, then both will smell in the morning. You don’t need to smoke naked (unless you want to do so, of course!), but maybe take the work clothes off.

5. Douse the butt in cold water. Most smokers get caught because of the odor of the butts left behind and not their actual smoking. When you’ve finished the cigarette, douse the remained in cold water for about 5 seconds. This will eliminate remaining embers. Don’t flush it down the toilet. Then wash your hands with warm water and soap to remove any residue.

Smoking inside can be a challenge, but it can be done. Keep your security deposit with proactive actions… or don’t get caught. We’ll leave the reasons why up to you.

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